Community Rules

Community Guidelines

We believe less is more, our main rule here is "don't be a jerk". We are a friendly and close-knit community, more like family actually. We don't tolerate jerks in this family because it takes away the enjoyment of playing games together.

What does it mean to be a jerk?
You don't keep chat clean or language G rated.You spam other members with obnoxious requests or comments.You swear, say derogatory or offensive comments to other members.You lie, cheat or steal from/to other members.You bother staff for items, perks or OP.You create drama about other members or the community itself.You bother other members, or are pushy, about other places to play on. - You impersonate staff or try to act as an authority figure.You do something that detracts from the enjoyment of other members.You AFK at any kind farm for long periods of time with lots of entities and causing lag. AFK pools are NOT allowed!You record others in Teamspeak without their permission.You play music or any other loud and/or disruptive sounds, or use a voice changer.You interrupt or talk over others.You use excessive caps to get attention.

Gameplay Rules

All Servers

Anything done by your Minecraft character is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. This means if your brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin, aunt, uncle, or ANYONE else gets on your account and breaks a rule on VentureKraft, it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.No X-Ray... Obviously...


No AFK Fish FarmsNo AFK PoolsAny mod that moves your character or logs you back on after being kicked by the AFK timer is not allowe

Approved Mods

OptiFineShadersMinimaps (With Cave Mode Disabled)Schematica (Printer Mode Allowed!)InventoryTweaksNotEnoughItems (& Similar Mods)

Pranking Rules

We are a close and fun-loving community, and due to many requests, we allow you to pull pranks on other members of the community. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable time with pranks and to avoid confusion and frustration, any who prank MUST follow these rules:

A player MUST HAVE A SIGN saying they are open to pranking.Pranks CANNOT INVOLVE DESTRUCTION of property or KILLING of any animals.Use of lava, redstone or anything to create lag or to EXCESSIVELY DISRUPT members is NOT allowed.You MUST LEAVE LEAVE A SIGN in an obvious place with your name and that you were the one behind the prank.
Pranks MUST NOT involve anything of an inappropriate nature.If you prank someone, YOU CAN NOT REPORT a player pranking you back.If a member requests or leave signs saying they don't want to be pranked, THEY CANNOT BE PRANKED.

Anyone who doesn't follow these rules will receive punishment as appropriate for the actions committed. We want everyone to have fun, but anything that is considered harrassing, excessive or destructive will not be allowed as it'll hurt a member's experience on the server. Be respectful and have fun pranking!


If you do anything that staff deem break the integrity of our community, whether mentioned explicitly in the rules or not, we reserve the right to remove you from our community, whether that be temporarily or permanently.

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